Sustainable development


Conexdata Group is a service provider specialising in the installation and maintenance of security of property and persons, voice, data and image systems. As a player in the low current network sector for more than twenty nine years, we are aware of the challenges involved in balancing economic, ecological, social and sustainable development objectives within our business.

As a service provider, our activities have a direct impact on the environment - we consume natural resources in our cabling activity - but they also have an indirect impact via our suppliers.
With this in mind, we work closely with our customers and suppliers to study and define ways of reducing our impact and develop services compatible with sustainability:

  • Acting within the terms of all laws governing the environment.
  • Raising employees' awareness of environmental issues and encouraging them to adopt eco-responsible behaviour.
  • Limiting the company's direct impact on the environment via a system of environmental management, the core principles of which are set out in standard ISO14001.
  • Incorporating environmental considerations into commercial decisions, in line with the company's commitment to the protection of the environment.
  • Monitoring the impact of the supply chain, working closely with suppliers with a view to improving our respective performances in terms of the environment, taking into account their proximity and environmental performances.
  • Adopting an ecological approach when designing and implementing our installations, via a reduction in consumption and waste.
  • Improving waste management in terms of waste removal, upgrading, re-processing and recycling.
  • Contributing to environmental initiatives and establishing clear and precise objectives. These objectives should be periodically reviewed.